Last night I went home and left Rich here to stay with Ted. It had been a week since my other two children had seen me so I was itching to get back but also felt torn leaving Ted when he was so very vulnerable and distraught. 

He screamed the place down when I left but once he eventually settled Rich managed to get some dinner into him and put him to bed. Rich had a tricky night with Ted but while Ted cried often he wasn’t shouting and screaming like he had been doing for me overnight. Ted started taking Melatonin to help with sleep. 

Rich was thrilled that Teddy woke up in a happy mood this morning. His wonderful surgeon popped by to check on him and brought a gift along for Ted. We are lucky to have such a great surgeon and a fantastic cardiologist for Teddy. 

A bag of yummy Lindt Easter chocolates brought a smile to Ted’s face. Hearing that Ted’s drain was down to 70ml brought an even bigger smile to Richard’s!!  Ted’s doctor mentioned that nightmares can be common after open heart surgery in adults so this may account for the extreme night terrors. 

We are working on the right psychologist to help Ted work through those issues. 

Ted’s Warfarin dose has been changed again and the next blood test to check how it is working is on Monday.  The doctors have told Rich they plan to get Ted home as early as possible on account of his emotional state.  Just hurry up drain!

Ted has been a lot happier today and he handled the dressing change really well today. 

Ted was in love with the gift our friends The Martins sent him. A transformer and this cool nightlight pictured above. Perfect!

Tabitha and Monte were so happy to visit Ted today. We can’t wait to get our boy home.

Sweet dreams