FABULOUS NEWS- Ted’s last chest drain was removed just now

This is the best news ever because it means we are VERY close to discharge. His lovely surgeon said that in light of his fragile emotional state he will fast track his discharge once the drain is out. 

So I do not think we will be staying a week for observation I think we will be allowed to take him home in a day or so and just return as an outpatient. This would be the best approach given his state. 

Because he was given Midazolam for the chest drain procedure the doctor also drew his blood so that we avoided another meltdown tomorrow. 

We now await the INR results and I’m praying we get a good stable result this time…

This morning we went to a heart fundraiser here at the hospital and Ted was thrilled to receive a heart balloon, a teddy bear, a party bag and this cute tiger face paint!

We are so so happy to be on the homestretch now. Feeling incredibly fortunate to have such a record breaker. For a kid wih HLHS to have a non fenestrated Fontan and have all his drains out by day 11? Pretty miraculous. Now we just have to get this beautiful boy home to mend his spirit and calm his nerves after what has been a rather traumatic week for the little tiger. 

I can’t wait to be given the nod to get him home. I know we can take great care of him there and he will make a beautiful recovery.