Unfortunately Ted had another horror night.

He screamed and cried pretty much all night. The nurses said they’ve never seen a child so upset overnight. It was so arduous. He is terrified of doctors and nurses touching him. He is not the happy boy he was. He is truly traumatised at the moment.

My friend Kelly came to visit us today wih all sorts of wonderful gifts and we took Ted downstairs to visit the farm animals and the bandaged bear workshop.

Just look at that happy face! Short lived unfortunately because we had to take him for yet another blood test.

Since the test he has been crying and screaming for hours and saying the most heartbreaking things.

His wonderful play therapist was shocked at the decline in his mood and how poorly he handled the test. The child is truly broken. Teddy is a mess and if someone can’t do something productive to help him soon I do not know what I will do.

His INR is still not high enough so the Warfarin isn’t at a therapeutic level so they want another test on Monday. It it beyond terrible the child has had enough! All he talks about is needles and dressings and he begs me to stop people hurting him. He is just so terrified. It is an awful phobia to have when you are stuck on a drug that requires constant monitoring via blood tests.

I’m at a loss.