So today was a long one for Ted. 

After a very difficult night we managed to make a little bit of progress on Ted’s anxiety about dressing changes. His play therapist worked so hard to prepare him. 

However the procedure itself was quite traumatic for Teddy and not long afterwards I managed to get him to bed for a long overdue sleep. 

The cardiac team have now sent an urgent referral to the psych team so that someone else can come on board and help Ted work through his phobias. Unfortunately for him, he faces a lot of medical procedures so having a terrible phobia of them is he last thing he needs. It has now escalated to the point where he is crying as soon as a nurse enters the room. So sad! 

Tomorrow he has another blood test and again on Monday. Horrible. 

In good news we were so touched that our friend Debb arranged for the turtles to send Ted a get well message. He loved the photo!

We also had a wonderful visit from our friends the Campbells who came with amazing food, gifts and laughs and most importantly they brought back Ted’s huge grin for a while. 

After Papa went home Ted asked to visit the Starlight room again. This time he was very quiet but he did like playing on the iPad for a few minutes. 

Ted’s play therapist spoke with the cardiac nurse consultant and they out this sign up in his room. 

Poor little fellow has been very out of sorts tonight and I have had to resettle him to sleep now 11 times in two hours. What a long day! 

While he has been very unsettled all day we have had glimpses of our happy boy. Tonight he took this selfie of us :