Hard to believe that yesterday was one week after surgery. Ted has come so far. 

After a tricky start to the day he enjoyed some time with special visitors and loved playing with all of his new toys. Thank you so much Bec and Jenny. 

In the afternoon Ted was so excited to receive this giant delivery of balloons. So much love and thanks to his amazing teachers at Redlands for these awesome balloons and the cuddly polar bear! 

We also had a wonderful visit from the Clown Doctors

We snuck in a visit to the sensory play room with Karen Ted’s beloved play therapist

Before dinner as promised we visited the Starlight Express Room with Papa

In the evening Grandma and Grandad visited and brought some delicious cakes. Also they delivered some music CDs from Ted’s lovely music teacher  and they told us all about the giant eggs Mrs Anderson brought around from her hens. 

Unfortunately bed time wasn’t much fun and Ted was up all night again. Screaming and crying and having some night terrors. He also started spitting out his meds and hitting me so it was a long night again. 

Today we don’t have any needles on the cards thank God but he does need a dressing change. His left pleural drain continues to flow at about 150ml per day. To remove it they need to see it reduce down to about 20ml. So we have a while to go.