Said Ted this afternoon. 

He had a rough time with pain today and then was very disappointed that he wasn’t allowed down to visit the Starlight play room on account of his Morphine infusion. 

Despite his low mood he has on balance had a good day. He had a canula removed and was able to sit up in bed for a minute and then he sat in a chair for a few minutes. This is progress!

Ted was very lucky to have a visit with The Barretts today. We are both looking forward to watching all the shows they brought in the USB. Clever idea! 

When Tabitha came to visit she sat with Ted in the bed until we got in trouble for violating the rule against non patients sitting on patient beds. 

The same rule  Richard  got in trouble for violating today. So I will make sure I am sitting on that bastard bed tomorrow for the cardiology round. On principle. 

To cheer Ted up after his disappointment over not visiting the Starlight room, we had Captain Starlight come to visit Ted. He loved the balloon characters she made for him. 

Lots of the nurses call him Super Ted now. Such a little hero:

We were thrilled to have a special visitor tonight. Andrea arrived with dinner, snacks, goody bags of treats and best of all a remote control car for Ted to zoom around from his bed. The first real smile we have seen since his surgery. Gold star Andrea!! Thank you so much. 

We are hoping for a quiet night from Ted tonight without his saturation monitor alarming all night. We have taped his oxygen prints to his face. Hopefully this will stop him ripping them off all the time. 

To give you an idea of space here is a photo showing how awkward the shared room is. I was told today we have too much luggage. There is no storage dammit. I have one small bag for me. The rest is basic items for Ted. This is madness for weeks. Madness! 

Tomorrow will see Ted having more blood testing and probably the removal of the left pleural drain. 

Til then … Good night from the sardine tin at Westmead xx