Here is a shot of Ted with an amazing gift bag from the beautiful people from Precious Hearts. We love you guys! 

Turned out Ted was also a bit of a grumpy cat today. We have had issues with his oxygen saturations today. 

Four nurses and I pinned him down for the removal of two of the four drains and he underwent a blood test. He was given Midazolam so while he did suffer he won’t have any memory of it. If only they had a dose for mums too!

Unfortunately the silly blood test came back with an INR of 6.8. Hideous drug Warfarin requires constant monitoring of INR. We were then told he would need a repeat blood test or risk him haemorrhaging if the Warfarin is given again when the INR is too high. 

I refused on the basis that it seems unlikely for his INR to jump from 1.8 to 6.8 in a day and I felt it was more likely to have been an abnormal test. Anyway it was a punt that I had to take for Ted. His little spirit is also important. We cannot torture the child. 

A decision will be made in the morning cardiology round tomorrow. Til then we are on high alert for bleeding. 

Ted tried so hard today with the Physio team encouraging him to blow bubbles through a special tube. It is normal for the lungs to collapse somewhat after this type of surgery. 

He had a lot of pain when we mobilised him to have him sitting on the chair on my lap. So I stole a cuddle from him for a while. 

Ted also had a consult with the pain management team and they decided to keep him on the NCA morphine until Monday. Cardiology team have said Ted can now be in free fluids we just have to record everything to remain in a negative balance with the aid of Lasix. 

Ted was chuffed to see Auntie  Kahlee and Uncle Nick today. They spoilt him with Star Wars gifts and cool books and brought me some delicious treats and a coffee that doesn’t taste like envelope glue. What a gift! Here is Ted with some of his toys:


Ted was distressed after the first attempt to sit up but he kept trying and eventually Ted was able to visit the cardiac ward playroom in a wheelchair when Papa and his brother Monte and sister Tabitha came to visit. 

Tonight I am home with my baby Houdini Monte and my  big girl Tabitha. Richard is staying bedside tonight. We had a tricky drive home as Monte chose the freeway to begin his car seat escape routine. It took a long time to get home as I had to keep pulling over to get him back in again. Look at him! Crazy. 

He also chose tonight to smash my new glass teacup into a million pieces. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth if you go by this face: 

So tonight I can shower and enjoy home comforts while Rich is on Daddy-duty with Ted. My heart is torn having to leave him for the night my poor brave boy after such a rough day but it has been five days since my two gorgeous red heads had their mama so it was time to be here. I will be back at the hospital early tomorrow to swap over.