This weekend the children kept distracting me every time I went to post this update on Ted’s first week back at school. I wanted so much to share with all of Ted’s fans the news of his incredibly successful week. But now tonight something else has prompted this post.

But first I will show you this~


I captured a real superhero on Saturday morning on my coffee-table. Battle scars and all, there he was. Triumphant. His first week back at preschool, finally doing his usual things and doing it all, with, as he says “a new kind of special heart”.


Friday was Ted’s first lesson back at ballet and he was so excited to see his beautiful ballet friends. Tabitha kept watch at the door and said he was definitely having fun.


Friday night we took the kids out for dinner to celebrate two things. One that Ted is sleeping a lot better and two that he had an excellent first week back at preschool. It is truly a gift to have Ted not only well enough for school but bursting with happiness and funny stories about his classmates.


That brings me to some heart-breaking news. My heart is heavy tonight as are the hearts of all the other Australian HLHS mums following the tragic death of ‘Benjamin Braveheart’ today. A strong and beautiful boy born with HLHS the same year as our Ted.  Sadly unlike Teddy, Benjamin’s Fontan was not successful and after months in hospital the doctors were unable to save Benjamin and his loving family said goodbye to him this afternoon.

By God’s grace I am sitting here tonight telling all of our caring friends and family about Teddy’s great first week back at preschool. It could very well be a totally different story for Ted but for now it isn’t. Benjamin’s fate could very well have been Ted’s and for his beautiful, brave family we mourn tonight.

Somehow Ted’s Fontan path was different. For this outcome we have been given, we are eternally grateful. Knowing also that quickly things can change, never wanting to cross the line into complacency but at the same time rejoicing in our blessing.  Rest peacefully dear brave little Benjamin now you are in Heaven. That is our prayer. X