What a fantastic day Teddy had today. After so many months stuck with mama Ted now has his amazing teachers and beautiful classmates for company! 

Ted’s first day went very well, as one of his teachers said “it was like he never left”. Ted is looking forward to returning to class tomorrow. He said the best part of his day was playing Ninja Turtles and Star Wars with his mates Leo, Mitchell and Audrey at lunch time. 

Ted did so well with his appointment on Tuesday. His paediatrician said everything is right on track and echoed what his cardiologist said a few weeks back- this is definitely a successful Fontan case! 

We have been referred back to Ted’s ENT surgeon along with his baby brother it looks like I may be on the hunt for a two for one deal on tonsillectomies! Ted may also need to have a sleep study done. Being the cheeky brother that he is, Ted was cheering that the paediatrician ordered blood work on Monte but not on him! So empathetic our Ted.