Last night was a tough one as the Midazolam wore off Ted was incredibly agitated and instead of just sleeping after a very big day he became a little monster. He woke me up every twenty or so minutes to adjust his blanket, his socks, his pillow his toys… It went on all night long.

So it makes sense that this is how he is spending his lunch hour:

Our roommate has moved on so we stole her spot so we now have the window. 

This morning we were excited to receive a liovely package from Ted’s cousins in Melbourne. Here is Ted with some of the cool gadgets:

The nano robot bug is incredibly cool we have had fun watching it exploring the loop Ted calls a bug roller coaster. 

Ted’s blood work showed he is a little low in sodium due to the heavy diuretic load so he was thrilled I let him feast on super salty snacks before  his nap! 

We are hoping for a calm afternoon after yesterday’s rather agitated one!