Like Christmas Eve. But not.

We tried very hard today to have a fun time with Ted ahead of his big surgery tomorrow. It is always hard to play with a heavy heart but Ted is such a fun little guy we are lucky he kept us smiling. He said he really enjoyed his day in fact he told Tabitha “today is MY day you know, not yours, because I’m extra special” she gave him a very unimpressed look the kind best given by a 7yr old big sister.

Here are some photos from our little picnic at the park and our fun stopover at the playground. We had lots of delicious treats and tonight ended the day with Ted’s favourite dinner- lasagne!



image image image image

We are so touched by all of the messages of love and support and Teddy was so chuffed to receive so many special gifts today, he will be the most loved boy in all the hospital. Thank you so much to our amazing friends and family we love you all so much! xxx