We need to be at the hospital ready to start at 6:45am Wednesday so we will be getting Ted up just after 5am so he can have some water ahead of our drive out to the hospital.

He is fasting from midnight but at least he can have water until 5:45am.

Ted will be in theatre for hours and we are unlikely to get any updates until it is time for them to take him off bypass when often one of the surgeons will give us some feedback on how it has gone so far.

It will be a while before we will then get to see him in ICU and I anticipate we will have our phones off so please understand if we aren’t replying to messages. I hope nobody worries, do not take silence as an indication of how things are going. Please just know we are focusing all our energy on our precious Ted, the hospital environment can be so stressful.

As soon as we know something we will update here via the blog. It may be a little while before Ted is ok for visitors but we will pass on all your love and messages. xx