Yesterday Ted seemed to really turn a corner. The antibiotics seemed to have kicked in. He had no fever and said his pain was improving. He was certainly a lot happier and more playful. I was so thrilled! 

Late at night I heard a horrible gasping sound, rushed down to Ted to find him gagging trying to breathe. It seemed at first he was having an asthma attack and luckily I had set my own Nebuliser up to take my Ventolin. 

I set Ted up with it and he settled after a minute and I realised he wasn’t wheezing at all. It wasn’t asthma. I had a look at his throat thinking maybe he’d had a bleed or something. The scab looked OK. Good even. 

So I recalled the surgeon mentioning at about day ten the scab comes away and it reveals painful raw flesh. What a drama. I figured maybe he’d been gagging on that. Poor Ted!

He was miserable. 

Eventually he got to bed and today he is quite chipper. He asked for a fried egg for breakfast just now and he ate it. He says his throat feels sore and itchy but he seems to be in good spirits. Onwards! We can’t wait for Ted to be back to normal so he can enjoy the school holidays next week.