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Just as I was settling the boys down for a lunch time nap today there was a knock at the door. A surprise delivery from Anya one of the kindest, most talented caterers in Sydney.

I learnt by the time Tabitha was five that catering my kids’ parties myself was not one of my strengths. I was thrilled to find Anya from Catering for Kids because not only is she a genius at bringing children’s party dreams to life she is also exceptionally lovely!

Well it turns out that Anya has been following my blog and today she brought me this stunning ladybug cake with a heartfelt note saying our family is in her thoughts and here is a hug from a ladybug! Could she be any lovelier?!

It is fitting then, that we have had this ladybug sighting since it is believed that it symbolises healing and I’m really hoping it means the sickly ones in my house  will be feeling 100% better soon. How adorable is this cake? Who dares eat such a beauty?!

Below are some beautiful shots taken by Cherelle Martin at Teddy’s second birthday where Anya created the most delicious spread for our teddy bears picnic party. 

2013Teddys2ndBday203 2013Teddys2ndBday091 2013Teddys2ndBday178 2013Teddys2ndBday108 2013Teddys2ndBday054 2013Teddys2ndBday045 2013Teddys2ndBday061 2013Teddys2ndBday096

Today I can report that Teddy’s temperature has come down again which is a huge relief. Unfortunately his tonsils remain a pair of revolting red and white spotted golf balls. We are praying for a good improvement by tomorrow or we will have to submit him for some more invasive testing and treatment. It is beginning to look more and more likely that this poor fellow will need to have the tonsils out this year as tonsillitis has plagued him for a few years now and the risk of endocarditis is pretty scary… Although the possibility of another operation is also pretty awful for the poor babe.

Hopefully I will have great news of a recovery to report tomorrow. Ted is so sad he has missed preschool, we hope he can return next week. It has been so long.