…the chipper amongst us would suggest ‘you make lemonade’. I would suggest you just throw them at really annoying chipper people. It might help.


An update from the petrie dish that is our family at the moment~

The doctor has said Tabitha is well enough for school tomorrow! Monte is now down to Ventolin only every six hours and isn’t contagious, tomorrow will be eight hourly. Excellent. 


Poor little Ted however, he continues to be very unwell. He was up most of the night with fevers and again for much of today. 


We saw the doctor this afternoon, the Endocarditis risk is real. So he has advised me to switch Ted’s antibiotic medication and report back. I am praying he turns a corner tonight. The last thing we need is another trip to hospital. 

Not to be left out of the drama, our dog Beatrice chose today to pee on Ted’s new rug. Twice. 

As penance for this, she was bathed and then dressed in this very unflattering absurd sweater.  She wasn’t impressed but my care factor is low and she deserved to feel a bit silly. Plus it is cold here in Sydney today! 


Please keep Ted in your thoughts. We really need hi to get better ASAP.