I’ve always thought I am one of the unlucky folk without any particular talent. I have some incredibly talented friends who excel at all manner of interesting things and then there is me. 

Until now. 

Today I decided I do have a talent. I have a talent for packing a hospital bag in a hurry. I’ve been patting myself on the back all day today. Occasionally glancing over at my well packed basket.  In between bemoaning my kids’ health and my personal woefulness. Yes, this is a bit of a poor me blog post. Prepare the violins. 


With Rich overseas and my parents away I pulled together a very useful collection of hospital items at five this morning when I made the call that I couldn’t wait til mid morning when my GP opened. 


Poor little Monte was up all night with breathing problems and Ted had a bleeding issue that I thought we should investigate given the Warfarin. After calling every single home visit GP in Sydney with no luck and then driving the kids at 7am to a Medical Centre where we were turned away we presented at the emergency dept of our local hospital.   

We were seen right away and the triage nurse was excellent. We didn’t have to wait at all And I was so grateful. Ted had to have some blood tests and Monte needed an X-ray and he was started on oxygen right away. My wonderful friend Jenny came to the rescue for Tabitha and took her on a fun play date so it was just my two boy patients and I left.  By lunch time after a minor change to Ted’s medication regime he was allowed to leave. 


Luckily for us my parents’ plane touched down at about that time and before too long the super grandparents had arrived at the hospital to collect Ted. Leaving just Monte and I and the large bag of sweets I found in my car. So poor little Monte and I are now preparing for a night here. Hopefully he will be a lot better tomorrow and we can go home. Still it seems so weird that little Monte could have oxygen saturation a lower than Ted. Crazy. 



I have to give a big mention to the staff and facilities here at Royal North Shore Hospital. Seriously. It is a nice change for us to be in a nice, new hospital where everything is bright and clean. It really changes your mood. They have this awesome fairy garden in the paed ward here are some shots of Monte enjoying his time in there.    


I wasn’t so fortunate with the car park here. They put a parking fine notice on my windscreen for overstaying in the emergency bay. I will appeal it but if anyone is going to lose such an appeal it has to be me. I’m always being fined for parking near the school despite Ted’s mobility permit and all of my appeals have failed! 


Cross your fingers this little firecracker improves exponentially overnight so I can get him home tomorrow. There is much to do with school starting Monday and Papa will be in the UK all week.  We are so thrilled that Ted will soon be back with his classmates in Orange Snr Class. 

I will type up a detailed update on Ted’s heart progress once I’m back home. Xx