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Sure, we have had some tricky days on our Fontan journey and I am sure we face many more ahead with our precious boy and his ‘mended but not cured’ heart, but one thing has been constant for us. Kindness. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t considered how fortunate we are to have so many kind people in our life supporting us on this roller coaster ride.

I’ve tried my best to acknowledge everyone for their beautiful gifts but if I have forgotten someone lately I am so sorry please know we are so very grateful.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:

Lest they be angels in disguise

Hebrews 13:2

The kindness of people we haven’t ever met has truly touched my heart. One of the mums new to Ted’s class who I haven’t had the chance to even meet is one of the angels who has encouraged us so much with her kindness. Elizabeth has lovingly made the most generous, wonderful meals for our family each week and yesterday sent Ted this beautiful bag of gifts that brought a huge grin to his face on a bit of a low day for him, we are so thankful.



Late last year I reached out to some amazing mums in the US who have little boys with special hearts like Ted. I am so happy to say those ladies are my friends now and they’ve been such a source of strength for me hearing how their brave little guys have fought similar battles to Ted. Today a big box arrived on our doorstep from Charleston, South Carolina with the most thoughtful care package inside. We loved all the gifts from Jenna, Elisabeth and Lisa. The stunning pyjamas from Lisa’s company Bella Bliss Clothing are already a hit with Teddy who wore them straight away!


So many people from all over the world have been praying for Teddy and for us that is the best gift of all. Thank you so much. xx