What a pain it is. Let me count the ways. Perhaps i will save that for another day. 

Ted had a difficult first night back at home. The night terrors are quite distressing and the sleep deprivation may just send ME batty, never mind him! Hopefully we can turn this around for Teddy soon and have our happy boy back. 

We had a long day at the hospital today (or mostly in traffic getting there and back) but the good news was Ted’s blood is now starting to do the right thing INR wise but the bad news is they need him to return for more testing on Monday. Poor Teddy it really is heartbreaking. He hates needles so much and he dreads the tests. 

He was very brave and cute for his dressing change at lunchtime today. He even helped his favourite nurse remove the steri-strips.  

The highlight of Teddy’s day was when the hospital car park payment machine ate my ticket. The security man opened up the machine and Ted thought it was brilliant and insisted on this photo below. He was so chuffed that he slept all the way home.