Today Ted has moved to the cardiac ward. 

It has been a difficult day for him with a lot of poking and prodding and he is becoming increasingly distressed by it all. A visit from the clown doctors did cheer him up. We almost got a smile. 

Today he had his urinary catheter out, as well as his arterial line and his central line. And then we had a ride down the hall to the heart ward. Joe the porter is the same porter who moved Ted after all his other operations. I will have to track down some photos from those days as well. 

He is in a two patient room now.

Here is a shot of Ted’s beautiful fruit basket modelling the chair-bed that I have the pleasure of sleeping in tonight in very close quarters with the parent of the child in the bed next to Ted. Privacy? Who needs privacy?

Could be worse. We could be in the room next door with six patients. 

My parents came to visit today and brought me some of the lovely food made by Elizabeth one of the gorgeous mums from Ted’s class. So nice to avoid hospital food now. 

As for me well I am ok. I’m increasingly grumpy about the unhygienic bathroom facilities for parents. I will show you below the mouldy shower and bathroom. 

So gross. 

We are lucky in Australia that healthcare is free for everyone and while I am glad that all children here have access to the best cardiac surgeons and cardiologists I do wish I could use our top level private health insurance… 

There is no private paediatric option. We could do with a wing annexed to the hospital. The fees it would generate could fund the rest of the hospital. Oh well what do I know? Im not into politics. At least we know Ted is getting the very best care. It just isn’t comfortable for us!

I was hoping my cough might score us a single room since infectious people are usually isolated. No such luck. I just have to wear this mask. D’oh! Serves me right for exaggerating my cough.