With six days til surgery, we are trying to distract Teddy from noticing that he is essentially under house arrest! Since we have to keep him isolated so that he avoids another infection he has been feeling quite put out that he can’t have his regular babycino at the local cafe with Monte while Tabitha is at school so we have been making babycinos and special treats at home. We even resorted to bathing our dog Beatrice this morning. Fun for Ted and Monte. Not so much for Beatrice! I explained to her that we all must make sacrifices for those less fortunate but still she has this face on:


Ted was so chuffed yesterday that one of his dearest friends from school Ari had sent him a special package from Japan. This little air-doctor virus protection badge, Ted and I have no idea how it works but Ted loves it all the same and has been proudly wearing it all day. Thank you so much gorgeous Ari! So thoughtful.


Last week Tina a wonderful friend of mine from Melbourne sent up a most amazing parcel for Ted. She has hand-made beautiful superhero comic pjs for teddy and a beautiful doll that also has a ‘zipper’ on his chest and a special heart. Like Ted. We can’t wait to take all these special gifts with us to hospital knowing how everything has been given with so much love for Ted makes wearing it even more special for him.


Ted may only have half a heart but it is full to the brim with love from all of his friends. Near and far, we have been buoyed by the messages of love and the offers of support from people everywhere. Particularly our Redlands family.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of parents from Ted’s class who have arranged an online care calendar to help us out with meals while Ted is in the hospital. I can’t express how very grateful I am for this support since there really is nothing nutritious for Ted and I at Westmead. Last time he was out there he was offered a stale white bread sandwich with a sachet of peanut butter for lunch. The cafeteria has food parents can buy like chicken nuggets and other yellow globs of who knows what. It is such a shame that the food situation out there is like that for sick kids and their families.

Rich will be taking time off work as much as he is able but he will be juggling our other two at home and let’s face it the man has many talents but cooking isn’t one of them! So as a mum it really warms my heart to know that there are people out there looking out for my family at home and helping out with meals for them. Thank you all so very much, we are truly blessed to have you all in our life. xx