I was gearing up to type out my lengthy take on the fenestrate or not fenestrate debate when I came across another blog about CHD issues. Why re-invent the wheel?

So for anyone wanting what I would describe as a very balanced discussion on the pros and cons of fenestration versus non-fenestration have a look here at another parent’s blog .

I feel very strongly that the best approach is to tailor the Fontan to the child. I am not a fan of the blanket approach.

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is not a label to be applied in a cookie-cutter fashion. By its very nature HLHS is not a ‘disease’, it is like all syndromes a group of symptoms. Some patients have all to varying degrees, others just have a majority.

Often in the books my children bring home from the library we read “everyone has the same heart”. While I totally appreciate the sentiment, this is often confusing for poor old Ted. When it comes to HLHS each precious little heart is different. Special and flawed in a unique way. This is why I appreciate Ted’s surgeon’s plan to asses Ted’s heart in theatre on Wednesday and decide what is best for him in that very moment.